Spin The Online Roulette Wheel For Top Gaming Action

Play RouletteOur ancestors may have invented the wheel but online casinos have perfected it - with fast-paced online roulette that puts a win behind every spin!

Over the years roulette has moved from the VIP casinos of Monte Carlo to everyday land-based casinos and through to online casinos as well. And since Roulette online went digital, it's packed an extra punch - faster spins, closer angles and more winning opportunities! If you've got the guts, and want to go for the glory, real money online roulette is the game you need to be playing. We've already found some of the best Canadian online casino sites for you to play at - take a look at our top picks and get your adrenalin levels at fever pitch today!

How to play online casino roulette

How to Play RouletteWith Roulette being one of the most widely-played gambling games in the world, it's no surprise that real cash online roulette is one of the busiest tables at online casinos too. And with Canadian players making up a substantial portion of players worldwide, you'll always find Canucks playing the odds and beating the house at the roulette tables too! But what makes online casino roulette for real money such a huge draw, and why do CA players keep coming back again and again, essentially just to watch the spin of a wheel and a ball?

Firstly, there's the choice you're offered in terms of roulette games. Most internet casinos won't offer you just one type of real money roulette game to choose from - they'll offer you a selection, in which you can most often find these popular varieties:

European Roulette: This is the online version of classic roulette, with 37 numbers to choose from, going from 0 to 36.

French Roulette: A variation of European Roulette, but with a selection of unique French bets for added interest and variety.

American Roulette: Trickier to win at than its European variation, American Roulette features 38 numbers, with an extra double zero for extra excitement.

Placing your bets on online roulette

Roulette Casino SitesMost people grasp the concept of real money online casino roulette fairly easily. Place your bet on which number the ball will land on, watch as the wheel spins, and hope that the ball lands in your favour. That's not the hard part though for most - the trick is in placing your bet in the first place. With so many numbers to bet on, online casino roulette can seem a little scary and intimidating. But it doesn't have to be, as long as you keep these basic betting options in mind:

Inside bets: If you bet on a number, or group of numbers, you are placing what is known as an 'inside bet'. Betting on a group of numbers will increase your chance of winning, as you are spreading your bets, but it will ultimately decrease the amount of money you win in the end. Placing a bet on one number, however, while risky, will pay out 36 times your original bet!

Outside bets: These are bets placed on probabilities of what could happen once the ball lands, rather than bets on individual numbers. Will the ball land on an odd or even number, a high or low number, or in a red or black space? The 50/50 aspect of outside bets make them attractive to beginners due to their low risk outcomes, and this might be a good place to start if you're a first-time player.

The more you play online casino roulette for real money, the more comfortable you'll become with the various betting strategies, and the less intimidated you'll be. There's only one way to become an online Roulette expert, and that's by placing your bet and watching that ball spin its way to fame and fortune for you! Get started right now at our top Canadian roulette online casinos, and make the next turn of the wheel a winning one!

And, if you're looking for a more lifelike casino experience, why not have a look at our recommended live dealer roulette sites - enjoy seeing the wheel spin on your screen, whilst enjoying having a real dealer too.