Play Online Poker And Win Real Money Jackpots

When you think poker, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Boys nights round a home poker table, complete with snacks and cigars? Tables of serious players at your nearest land-based casino? Or maybe televised tournaments worth thousands of dollars, with glamorous celebrity players round the table?

Since coming to New Orleans in the early 1800s, poker has evolved beyond Mississippi riverboats, entering our homes, our TV screens, and most recently, our computers too. Now with the launch of online poker, a game that's becoming increasingly popular with internet casino players the world over, real money poker is reaching an entirely new audience and becoming a draw at most reputable online gambling sites. Haven't sat down at an online poker table yet? Take a look at our top picks and deal yourself into the winning excitement today!

The evolution of online Poker

With the advent of online Texas Holdem, an entirely new breed of internet gambler is being born - and it's a type of player that's posing a serious threat to land-based poker players and their monopoly on tournament winnings.

Think about it - when you're sitting around a real money poker table facing real life opponents, you have the benefit of seeing their faces, reading their tells, and learning to judge when they're bluffing and when they're not. Body language plays a huge role in the game of poker, and seasoned players are able to pick up on it with all the skill of a trained psychologist.

Now think about an internet poker player. At an online casino, there's no way of telling what your opponents look like, or what strategies their body language may be giving away. All you can depend on for information is their betting pattern, the speed with which they play, their reaction time and their fold/flop percentages. Taking the person out of poker online forces you to concentrate more on their playing skill, rather than their bluffing skill - and it is this that seems to be giving internet Poker players the advantage when they make the transition to real life poker tournaments.

Take for instance the example of Chris Moneymaker – a real money online Poker site player who won his seat at the 2003 World Series of Poker by qualifying online. Although it was his first live tournament, he went on to win the ultimate prize, and took home both the title, and the $2.5 million prize pool. Online Poker players are starting to clean up both on the internet and in real life - and it's playing poker online that's helping give them the advantage!

Playing poker at an online casino

If you haven't played poker at a CA online casino before, you may be a little thrown by the selection available. If all you're used to is playing 5-Card Stud on a Friday night, you may need some help navigating the range of online poker games available to you:

  • Texas Hold'em or Omaha Poker: these are community card games, which involve players being dealt part of a hand at the beginning of the game, and then using a set of communal cards dealt during the game to make up the remainder of their hand.
  • 5-Card or 7-Card Stud: most new Online Poker Players are already familiar with these varieties, as they're fairly similar to their land-based counterparts. You'll be dealt five (or seven) cards at the beginning of your hand, and you can exchange one or more of them for new cards.
  • Hi/Lo Games: These are quite different to what you may be used to, but they still deliver good old-fashioned poker excitement! In these games the pot is divided between the players who hold the highest and the lowest hands, so there are two winners every time.

Intrigued? Then real money online Poker may be just the game for you! You can choose to either play at an online casino, or a dedicated poker room, but no matter where you play, you'll enjoy top Poker online action at its finest.

Hone your skills and you could also join in one of the many real cash online casino Poker tournaments on offer, and even win a seat into a live poker tournament too. Who knows - it could soon be you walking away with real life millions! First you'll need to get into the game though, and there's no better way to do that than by checking out our Canadian online Poker reviews. We'll give you all the info you need on the best places to play online Poker - so take our advice and you could soon be taking home the poker pot in true Canuck winning style!