Legal Canadian Online Casinos - The Facts

Legal Facts for Canadian CasinosIf you've heard of online casinos and would like to play but aren't, what's stopping you? Are you worried you won't know how to play? Are you unsure if you'll find a casino that caters to Canadian players? Or are you concerned with whether or not it's even legal to play at a Canadian online casino?

If it's the first two you're having doubts about, worry no more. Most online casinos are very user-friendly, and will help you learn as you go. And yes, you'll find plenty of online casinos that legally welcome Canadian players with open arms - like the top picks that our experts have recommended here for you. If it's the legal aspect of playing at Canadian casinos online that bothers you however, then read on.

Playing legally at Canadian online casinos

Playing Legally at Canadian CasinosIf you're interested in playing at an online gambling site and keep an eye out for related articles and information, you may know about the changes in US gambling legislation that have placed certain restrictions on US players, online casino accounts and banking transactions. Does this affect you in any way, you may be thinking. The answer is, sometimes.

While playing at a Canadian online casino is perfectly legal for you, some internet gambling sites may restrict your play or your transactions simply due to your living in North America. Despite the fact that by playing at a legit Canadian online casino as a Canada resident you are doing nothing wrong, some site and payment processors prefer to take an extra level of precaution against prosecution by clamping down on all North American play, despite the restrictions applying only to US players.

Rest assured, if you come across this during your internet casino play, you are doing nothing wrong, and nothing illegal. Your legal online casino or payment method may simply be taking an overly cautious stance. All you have to do is find another gaming venue or banking option that will allow you to play and pay with ease.

Canadian online gaming laws - what you need to know

While the rules governing US online gambling are very clear, those concerning Canadian play are more of a grey area legally. Online casinos that operate within Canadian borders cannot be granted licenses by the government, however online casinos that operate outside Canadian borders, yet cater to Canadian players, are perfectly legal.

Aside from Quebec, no other Canadian province has chosen to specifically legalize online gambling as yet, although this may change when the debate is taken up at a governmental level. Rest assured however, that despite these somewhat confusing legal inconsistencies, no Canadian has ever been prosecuted for playing at a legal online casino - so if you currently belong to a casino or are thinking about joining one, you are perfectly within your rights to do so.

Finding the top Canadian online casinos

Top Online Legal Canadian CasinosIf you're still unsure about the legalities of Canadian online casino play, or are uncertain as to where to find the best online casino to play at, you've come to the right place. Not only have our experts reviewed a wide range of online casinos from a sign-up bonus, game play and security standpoint, they've looked at all the legal ramifications as well. That's why if you see that an online casino has been endorsed by, you can be sure it's one that's fair, licensed and reputable. Only the best Canadian online casinos get the stamp of approval - and it's one that guarantees peace of mind whenever you logon and play!

*Please note that this article is not a legal document and in no way constitutes professional legal advice.