Skrill Online Casinos Make Banking Easy!

Want to know what the number one payment option of choice is among Canadian online casino players? One word - Skrill! Of course, you might know it as Moneybookers - the e-wallet that makes internet casino banking fast, safe and easy, and has done since 2001.

People have been trusting the convenience, security and ease of Moneybookers for years - and since the changes in US gaming legislation, they've been trusting Skrill too. Different name, same brand, same commitment to making transactions as stress-free and safe as possible for you. And they've done such a good job that Skrill Canadian online casino sites are one of the most popular choices for those looking to make a deposit.

Want to see why? Take a look at our top online Skrill casino picks and find out why more and more Canadians are banking the easy way!

Why Canadian online casino players love Skrill

Moneybookers has always had a commitment to processing online gambling transactions, and you'll be glad to know that even though the brand has reinvented itself as Skrill, that commitment remains unchanging. Millions of consumers worldwide, and in Canada, bank with Skrill every day, with thousands of internet casino players among them. And that's why you'll find Canadians, as some of the most internet-savvy players on the casino floor, making up a large part of that number.

When you look at the benefits that Skrill offers its users, it's easy to see why:

  • Fast, free easy account sign-up for players in CA
  • Immediate access to funds once your registration is approved
  • Low processing fees

What's more, virtually all licensed, fair and reputable online casinos accept Skrill, so once you've signed up, there's no worry about whether you'll be able to transact at your gambling site - just deposit your funds and get in on the gaming action!

Funding your online casino account with Skrill

Worried about depositing funds into your online casino account with Skrill? Don't be! It's as simple and safe as using any other third party processor or e-wallet. Just take a look:

  • 1. Visit and open a free online account, if you haven't done so already
  • 2. Fund your Skrill account with the payment mechanism of your choice - credit card, debit card, bank transfer, etc
  • 3. Make sure you have a real money account at your online casino
  • 4. Visit the casino cashier or bank in your casino software
  • 5. Choose Skrill as your preferred deposit option
  • 6. Enter the amount you want to transfer
  • 7. Then sit back and wait for it to be approved!

Withdrawing money from your Skrill online casino account is just as easy. Simply select Skrill as your withdrawal method, then enter the amount of money you want transferred back into your Skrill account. Simple, straightforward and speedy too!

That’s because one of the main advantages of using an online Skrill casino is that once you sign up, all your deposits and withdrawals will be processed instantly, so you can look forward to immediate access to your funds, and a hassle-free experience!

Of course, one of the biggest draws of using a Skrill casino is the level of security it offers. If you're uncomfortable saving your credit card or debit card information with the casino, the e-wallet option is the ideal way for you to go.

By keeping your details secured by a third party payment processor, you won't run the risk of theft or identity fraud at the gambling site, and you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your information is protected at all times. Thousands of Canadian online casino Skrill users can't be wrong. They all enjoy the security, speed and stress-free environment that Skrill provides - isn't it time you did the same? Take a look at the Canadian Skrill online casinos recommended by our experts and enjoy fast and easy banking today!