PayPal Online Casinos For Canadians

Paypal Online Canadian CasinosWhen it comes to online banking, what's your favourite method of payment? If you're making a purchase at an online auction, buying something from, making a deposit, or transferring money to friends or family, which online payment method are you most likely to use? If you said PayPal, you're just like millions of other Canadians who have been trusting this quick, easy and safe online banking mechanism for years.

So if PayPal is such a popular banking option, and is so easy to use, that makes it perfect for online casino transactions too right? Wrong. Unfortunately, despite the fact that PayPal is one of the Canadian online payment mechanisms of choice, these days it is virtually obsolete as an online casino deposit or withdrawal method (that is, unless you're a UK player at one of the few UK online casinos that still accepts PayPal). But don't worry - there are still plenty of online casinos you can play at, and plenty of banking methods that are just as quick and easy to use as PayPal. Take a look at our top online casino picks and start playing right away, or read on for more about our recommended PayPal online casino alternatives.

Finding alternatives to PayPal online casinos

PayPal Online CanadianUnfortunately while PayPal was one of the deposit and withdrawal options of choice when online casinos first launched, these days its use has dwindled to only a few online casinos, all of which are outside Canada. The motivation for this lies in its Canadian financial transaction policy - the primary reason being that PayPal is owned and operated by eBay, a company that has chosen not to endorse gaming transactions in Canada going forward.

If you're a loyal CA PayPal user though, don't worry - while you can still use your PayPal account for other online transactions, there are plenty of alternatives out there to PayPal online casinos, all of which are just as user-friendly and efficient. Our experts have done a thorough review of all the options available to you, and have found these to be the most convenient for your online casino banking:

Credit card: That's right - it's as easy as whipping out your credit card and paying with plastic. Most reputable online casinos accept both Visa and MasterCard-affiliated credit cards, and have stringent encryption technologies in place to ensure that all your transactions and details are safe and secure. If you don't want to go to the trouble of opening another third party payment account online, your credit card is the way to go - and you'll be happy to know that it's one of the fastest ways of transferring funds to and from your online casino account as well.

Debit Card: If you can use your credit card as a PayPal online casino alternative, you should be able to use your debit card too right? Absolutely! Using your debit card at your online casino works just the same as way as using your credit card, and is equally as safe and secure.

E-wallets: If you're not comfortable saving your personal and credit/debit card details into your online casino software, you can always go the e-wallet route. The closest banking options to PayPal, these third party payment processors offer you the option of creating a free online account, and then using it to fund your online casino account. Your casino will have no record of your personal or banking information at all, ensuring that all transactions are totally anonymous. What's more, in some cases e-wallet transactions can be faster than PayPal, making it a win for safe, speedy online payments!

Pre-Paid Card: Finally, if you prefer to go a completely different route, there's always the pre-paid option. Either purchase a pre-paid card, such as Ukash, from a land-based retailer or online, then use it to fund your casino account quickly, easily and securely. Just remember that having a pre-paid card is the same as having cash, so if you lose it, you'll lose out. Just keep it safe till you need to use it, and you'll have a great alternative to PayPal online casinos.

What did we tell you - there are plenty of ways to get around PayPal's online gaming restrictions and still enjoy action-packed online casino entertainment. Just choose one of our experts' top banking picks and get ready to start playing and winning right away. You may not be able to find a PayPal online casino, but you'll find plenty of recommended Canadian online casinos to give you all the gaming excitement you're looking for!