NETeller Online Casinos - Making Online Banking Safe And Easy

Neteller Safe and EasyLooking for fast an easy transactions at an online casino? NETeller is your solution. Since 1996 NETeller has been responsible for facilitating millions of online transactions in a safe, anonymous environment. It has been doing the same for millions of online casino players as well. In fact, so many Canadians trust NETeller online casino sites it has become the second-most popular banking option for Canuck players!

Want to see what so many players in Canada are raving about? Take a look at our online NETeller casino reviews and let the experts guide you in the right direction when it comes to playing, banking and winning online!

What is NETeller?

If you're not already familiar with NETeller, the term "e-wallet" may be more recognizable to you. Essentially, NETeller is an online wallet that you open in your name, and then fund as you would your regular bank account. Once your NETeller account has funds in it, you can then use it to purchase casino credits from your online casino of choice, in the same way as you would make any other type of purchase. As long as your NETeller account has funds in it, you can use it as a banking option at any of the top Canadian online casinos!

How to open a NETeller account

Don't have a NETeller account yet? No problem! Here's how to open one in order to fund your online casino account:

  • 1. Visit
  • 2. Register a free NETeller account
  • 3. Choose how you would like to fund your NETeller account - credit card, debit card, bank wire, etc.
  • 4. Transfer funds into your NETeller account.
  • 5. You're good to go!

Bear in mind that when choosing how to transfer funds into your NETeller account, each banking option comes with its own set of guidelines and waiting periods. Credit card transactions will usually reflect instantly in your account, while wiring funds from Canada banks can take anywhere from 8 - 10 working days to be processed.

Making transactions at a NETeller online casino

Neteller Online Casino transactionSo you've opened your NETeller account and transferred funds into it. Now what? Well, this is the easy part!

To make a deposit:

  • 1. Make sure you've signed up to play for real money at your online casino
  • 2. Visit the casino cashier in the banking software
  • 3. Select NETeller as your deposit option
  • 4. Choose the amount you want to transfer into your online casino account
  • 5. The transaction should be approved in a few minutes

You'll then be able to take your funds for a spin on your favourite online casino games! And when it comes time to cash out your winnings, you'll find the process just as easy:

  • 1. Go back to the casino cashier
  • 2. Select NETeller as your withdrawal option
  • 3. Choose the amount you want to withdraw
  • 4. Your funds should appear in your NETeller account in minutes

Another bonus is that you won't be charged any processing fees by NETeller for transferring your casino withdrawal into your account (although your online casino may charge a nominal fee, so be sure to check for this).

NETeller - safe, easy and anonymous

Neteller Online CasinoAs you can see, funding your CA online casino Neteller account is quick and easy. But that's not the main reason millions of Canadian internet gamblers keep choosing it as their preferred banking option. The beauty of NETeller lies in its anonymity. It's a third party processor and has no affiliation with your online casino, your personal and banking information will never be saved at the casino, minimizing your risk of fraud or identity theft. NETeller's security system is watertight - and that's what's kept it afloat as an online payment method for so many years!

NETeller online casinos are among the most reputable on the internet - and as a Canadian player, you'll find a host of top casinos to choose from. Of course if you ever need any help deciding, just consult our reviews and take a tip from the experts. We've got the best places for you to play, and the best places for you to bank with NETeller too!