Claim Your Online Casino Bonus For Instant Winnings!

Bonus WinningsIt's what most people think about before signing up at an online casino: "Will I be a winner?" Well, we're delighted to tell you that as long as you register to play for real money, you’re online casino bonus will make you a winner the instant you open your account!

How? Virtually every gambling site on the internet will reward you with a generous casino welcome bonus just for opening your new real money account. It's how they attract new players to the casino floor, and it's how they give them their first taste of winning action - and if you haven't experienced that for yourself yet, it's way past time! Just take a look at our recommended online casinos with the best bonuses to see which offer you a great start. Then open your new real money account to get that winning feeling right away!

Canadian online casino bonuses

Canadian Online Casino BonusesIt's the first thing you notice when you visit an online bonus casino website - the welcome bonus is advertised in big, bold, bright letters right in the middle of your screen. But once you start shopping around for the most rewarding offer, you'll also notice that there are different types of bonuses to choose from - match bonuses, spin bonuses, no deposit bonuses - the list goes on!

What you may not notice, however, is whether the bonus is available for you to claim in Canadian dollars or not. We know that online casino bonuses are exciting, but it's always best to keep your wits about you and check on this first before you sign up to play for real money. If your bonus isn't offered to you in Canadian dollars, chances are the casino won't accept bets in CA$ either. And that could mean all sorts of issues when making a deposit, withdrawing cash, or even playing for casino credits and prizes. No matter how pumped up you are about claiming your online casino bonus, make sure it's available to you in CA$ first. And if you're ever in any doubt, our in-depth online casino reviews will give you all the information you need.

Casino online bonuses explained

Casino Online Bonuses ExplainedOnce you've chosen your online casino welcome bonus the next step is to make sure that the offer you're after is in fact a rewarding one. Our handy guide to casino bonus jargon will help you judge just how valuable the offer advertised actually is:

1. No deposit bonus. Always go for this type of casino online bonus when you can. No deposit means no initial outlay from you, and (usually) no money needed in your online casino account. Essentially it's free money given to you to go and have a fantastic first time on the casino floor - and that's exactly what you should do! Use it as your introduction to the type of games your online casino offers, and play your free money to become more comfortable with your new gaming environment. Be warned though - there are usually very strict withdrawal terms and conditions on no deposit bonuses, so don't expect to be able to withdraw your money; just use it for playing and having fun!

2. Free spins bonus. Speaking of playing and having fun, that's what a free spins bonus is all about! It's similar to a no deposit bonus in that no actual money is required from you, but where it differs is that the amount isn't specified. That's because it's up to you and Lady Luck - the more money you win with your free spins, the more online casino bonus money you'll get to play with. Typically a free spins bonus will allow you a set amount of free spins on one of the casino's most popular slots - then whatever you win, you keep! Again, the terms and conditions on cashing out your money are usually fairly strict, so don't even worry about withdrawing your bonus cash - just have fun with it!

3. Match bonus. This time you will have to put down some money to claim your casino bonus - but what a bonus it is! Match bonuses are the casino's way of getting money, but giving you a lot of money at the same time.

What is meant by a match bonus is that for every CA$ you deposit into your online casino account, the casino will match it in some way. So say for instance you're claiming a "100% Match Bonus up to CA$500". If you deposit CA$500 into your account, the casino will match that amount 100% up to the maximum of CA$500 - and because that's the amount you've deposited, you'll end up with a whopping CA$1,000 in your account - half from your pocket, and half from the house! Now that's a whole lot of loot to get playing with!

You'll also see that some online bonus casinos will offer you more than one match bonus to get you playing and winning - generally a set of tiered bonuses on your first, second, third and sometimes fourth deposit. While you will have to transfer funds into your casino account in order to claim them, you'll receive huge rewards back from the casino for doing so, and if the match bonus is generous enough, it can be a fantastic way to fund your casino bankroll!

But whichever type of online casino bonus you choose - no deposit, free spins or match - make sure you do claim it as soon as you can. The online casino bonus is your right as a new real money player, and it's yours to enjoy during your first visit to your new online casino. Take a look at our online casino reviews for a summary of which online casinos offer the best bonuses, then make your play for big rewards and even bigger winnings!